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Why choose Remon Solar Micro Inverter?

Why choose Remon Solar Micro Inverter?


Why will you choose the Remon solar on grid Micro inverter ?What are the Remon solar on grid Micro inverter advantages?

1,More Powerful

PV generating system With REMON micro inverters, you can expect to generate 5% to 25% more energy annually than typical solar systems with conventional string inverters. A single underperforming panel or faulty inverter can bring down the entire system with conventional string inverter, but each REMON micro inverter operates independently.  As a result, energy losses from soiling, shading, and module mismatches are minimized, while energy production is optimized.

5-25 % more energy produced

Max Power Point tracking of each Module

Fewer wiring losses

Reduced impact of shading, soiling

2,More Reliable

By eliminating the weak components used in conventional inverters and monitoring each module independently, and with cooling-efficient and robust structure design to protect the operation inside, the PV system with REMON’s micro inverter maximizes reliability – as proven through the working life tests by the third party. Performance is also monitored and easily accessible via computer, reducing downtime and maintenance. 

15 years and longer inverter lifetime

Reduced down time and maintenance

Computer accessible Module level and inverter working status monitoring


PV generating system with REMON micro inverter dramatically simplifies design and installation, making it the best PV system you can buy for your home or business. The modular AC solar panels safely plug together with quick-connect AC cables and drop into a specially designed roof mount.

No system design – all components are integrated

40% Fewer components to install

Safer for installers and firefighters – De-energized wiring

No junction box at DC side.


Now,do you decide to choose the Remon micro solar inverter?Please do not hesitate to contact us!