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Argentina wants to increase its capacity by 35% PV.

Argentina despite being one of the leading economies in Latin America, not one of the countries with the best relationship with the environment. According to a recent study, the proportion having Argentine nationwide renewable energy matrix is ​​2%. Given its geographic location, its population and its economic potential, it is expected that the country follow the footsteps of its neighbors regarding renewable energy.
Therefore, the Government of Argentina recently announced that it intends to increase by 35% its solar PV capacity, specifically.
To achieve this goal, it plans to leverage this energy through incentives for individual projects.
If the country supports and develops renewable energy, improve your relationship with the environment by avoiding emissions from fossil fuels. Moreover, in this way joins Venezuela, who has also expressed a desire to increase the role of renewable energy in its energy mix.
It is anticipated that the solar plants are built in western Argentina, as this is where most solar radiation is received, reaching double, which receives the largest solar market that exists today, which is German.
The owner of the Argentina Chamber of Renewable Energy (CADER), Marcelo Álvarez, said that last year 11 projects were presented to 20 megawatts each.