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The call for the installation of photovoltaic projects opened last June 27 to reach 200MW required , which have already been awarded.

In the context of Decree No. 133 , the National Electric Power Generation and Transmission (UTE ) made a call for the sale of 200MW of solar PV . With this initiative, the Uruguayan Government , aims to meet the growing demand for energy and this is covered with renewable generation . Decree No. 133 establishes incentives through agreements with distributors in the wholesale market for solar energy. These incentives are based on special long-term contracts , called PPA ( Power Purchase Achievement ) between UTE and suppliers of solar photovoltaic energy produced , with outputs of between 500 kW and 50 MW.

The opening day of the call several companies have shown interest and have received bids from three companies that meet minimum deposit. The companies submitted interest 50MW each, although for reasons of network capacity, one of them had to reduce the power to 16 MW.

According to the conditions stated in the decree, the joint venture agrees to purchase all of the energy delivered to the agreed price and the contract deadline , while the power generator shall bear the costs of connection to establish the joint venture , as well as managing carbon certificates .

The Decree No. 133 encourages the generation of solar PV , for the purchase of the joint venture to 25 years , through different modalities : Contests bidding for small producers of 1 MW to 5 MW and price fixed in advance for installations of 30 to 50 MW. The fixed maximum price established for contracts greater than 5 MW , which will be priced $ 91.5 / MWh.

These measures are taken by the Government of Uruguay to the price of renewable energy is competitive in the country. Different factors such as lowering the cost of technologies such as solar photovoltaic and solar resource in the country great are facilitating the penetration of clean generation sources in the energy mix . Uruguay is largely dependent on oil and large hydro . Diversify energy sources will help the country mitigate climate change while increasing economic competitiveness to become more energy independent .