Customers often ask why we install micro-inverters vs. single inverters for solar panels. First of all let’s clarify what an inverter is. Solar panels create Direct Current (DC). Your home and the grid use Alternating Current (AC). The inverter takes DC and inverts it into AC so you can use it and feed it back to the grid.

Traditional solar arrays were connected in series to a conventional single inverter. That inverter is an additional box, usually on the outside of your home. The series connection is important because series is the same way older Christmas tree lights were designed. One light goes out, so does the rest of the string.

In a Micro Inverter design, each panel gets it’s own inverter and they are connected in parallel. Parallel is the more modern way higher quality Christmas lights are designed. One light goes out it doesn’t affect the rest of the lights.

Micro-inverters are not new, the concept has been around since the beginning of the solar industry. The initial ones were not cost competitive.  However, recent improvements in the technology have made them very competitive compared to traditional systems. Some will say that micro inverter companies don’t stay around long so any guarantees they make are useless. While this has been true in the past one company has risen above the rest to show that quality design and  manufacturing wins the race.